Available Online: COTEVOS/DERlab Special Issue of DER Journal “Grid Integration and Interoperability Assessment of EV”

Having developed optimal structures and capacities to test the conformance, interoperability and performance of different systems for the smart charging of EV, COTEVOS together with DERlab initiated a joint special issue of the DER Journal (International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources and Smart Grids). Under the topic “Grid Integration and Interoperability Assessment of EV”, the released issue addresses several crucial aspects:

Screenshot COTEVOS 1st DER Journal cover
• testing infrastructures and analysis for EV integration based on interoperability, conformance and functionality testing architectures for multiple actors and services

• implementation guidelines based on the standards ISO/IEC15118 and IEC 61851-1 for EV, EV supply equipment manufacturers and other e-mobility actors

• centralised and decentralised charging management of EV in the view of the possible barriers (blackouts, peaks and voltage sags, etc.) with different control algorithms (lottery-based schedule model, artificial intelligence, etc.)

• impact assessment of the EV integration in the electric distribution network with the help of the predictive capability model for quantitative analysis of harmonic voltage and current levels

Covering such a vast thematic scope, this DER Journal shares knowledge and experience to various stakeholders of the EV research and market. Research infrastructures will find information on ways of enhancing their ICT testing capabilities for the EV integration in the smart grid environment. The EV industry, original equipment manufacturers and other service providers might find new ideas for business models and services based on EV charging management. Meanwhile distribution operators are provided with new information on grid stability and the build-up for future EV developments.

Here you can find the COTEVOS/DERlab special issue of the DER Journal “Grid Integration and Interoperability Assessment of Electric Vehicles” available for free download.