COTEVOS at the Open Charge Congress

The COTEVOS project was presented at the first Open Charge Congress, organised by the Open Charge Alliance (OCA) on 18-20 November, 2014, in Amersfoort (NL) to discuss new features of the Open Charge Point Protocol 2.0 (OCPP 2.0), Open Smart Charging Protocol (OSCP) and recent progress and developments in the Alliance.

On the first congress day, Eduardo Zabala informed the audience about the possibilities of cooperation and interoperability testing within COTEVOS. You can find the presentation here.

Pictures kindly provided by the OCA

The following two days at the Open Charge Congress provided the participants with the possibility to have face-to-face meetings with the OCA Working Groups and to take part in the interoperability testing.

You can find more information about the OCA and the Open Charge Congress here.