COTEVOS Holds the Industry Summit


On 25 May, 2015, COTEVOS partners and industry stakeholders gathered in Rome (IT) to discuss future cooperation possibilities between the project and the industry. The discussion was centered around the following topics and presentations.

(You can find the detailed agenda here.)

Klaus Kersting, Product Manager EV/HEV of IDIADA, a leading global company specialising in providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services to the automotive industry including electric vehicles, presented IDIADA’s practical experience with AC and DC EVSE interoperability tests along with additional customer-specific test cases and the potential of collaboration with COTEVOS.

In his presentation “US/EU EV-Smart Grid Interoperability Centers Harmonisation of PEV standards, technology and test procedures”, Keith Hardy, Director of the US EV-Smart Grid Interoperability Center at the Argonne National Laboratory, talked about ways of advancing transatlantic e-mobility cooperation, shared interests of the US and EU, the harmonisation and holistic integration of technology and standards in the smart grid, smart buildings and smart city environments, and the enhanced EV testing infrastructure of the Argonne National Laboratory.

In “COTEVOS towards the unified testing infrastructure”, Felix Lehfuss from AIT presented the COTEVOS approach to the unified testing infrastructure, implementation of the reference architecture in line with the SGAM framework, and the current implementation status in the COTEVOS consortium based on the lab/physical layer.

Thomas Meier Sørensen from DTU presented “Test cases and the unified test infrastructure”, including the test case description with pre- and post-conditions in COTEVOS and the COTEVOS methodology in the interoperability round-robin testing.

The COTEVOS Industry Summit participants agreed on further cooperation of the industry stakeholders and the COTEVOS project, which will be enhanced in the upcoming COTEVOS workshop and the COTEVOS interoperability plug test in Ispra (IT).
Further information will follow.