COTEVOS – Developing Capacities for Interoperability Assessment

The aim of COTEVOS is to establish the optimal structure and capacities to test the conformance, interoperability and performance of all systems comprising the infrastructure for the charge of Electrical Vehicles (EV). COTEVOS verifies the functionalities different systems require to manage EV charging and the associated smart grid infrastructure. Based on the partners’ contrasting experience, a decade of collaboration on facilities, standardization and research infrastructures for DER, and aligned with ongoing standardization developments, COTEVOS will address key issues such as cross-national transparency, the interaction between grid infrastructure and vehicles, and the operational reliability, while reducing the time-to-market of equipment, so that they will be available in line with the arrival of electric vehicles. For that purpose, a number of on-going demo projects will be used as a reference.

COTEVOS technnical fields of work are:

■ Integration and alignment of testing methods with standards
■ Communication and information management
■ Collective test facilities
■ Development of test and procedures
■ Business model analysis.


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